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Ever wondered how to get more out of your training without more time and effort? Using a training journal is the answer.

Our Training Journal allows you to track your training and execution, reflect on your progress, and monitor trends in your daily recovery and general health.

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Better workouts

Track training trends

Build great habits 

Clear goals 


Our no-fuss Training Journal is based on years of working with elite athletes in dozens of different sports, from club level all the way through to world champions.


HERE ARE THE HIGHLIGHTS:tj-bag-spread.jpg

Get focussed on what you want to achieve:

  • Set your season performance goals for ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’ competitions with the season competition planner.

Great athletes have great processes:

  • Your results on game day are a culmination of your training processes and habits. Set physical and mental training goals to give yourself a roadmap to execute your best performance. Target specific mental performance goals that you can execute in practice. You can do both in our training goals section.

Get the most out of each workout:

  • Don’t just log your training session. Set a goal for what you want to achieve during the workout. Maybe you have pacing goals you want to hit. Or perhaps you want to focus on your mental ability to push through a barrier. Or this might be a long training day and you want to nail your nutrition strategy. This is how we get focussed on getting more out of each session.

Like giving yourself a gold star….

  • Our session reflection is a great way to celebrate a training session done well. Rate how you executed and make notes about what to do better next time if things didn’t go to plan.

Track your vitals:

  • Make an assessment of sleep, nutrition, motivation and soreness daily, along with your Resting Heart Rate and HRV (if you track this). This daily ritual of taking stock of how you feel will help you identify trends in training, progress and overtraining.

Build your confidence:

  • Do you have some standard benchmark training sessions that assess your fitness? Highlight “breakthrough” training sessions so you can celebrate progress and reflect on them in the weeks leading up to that big competition. This is what builds confidence.





  • A5 planner with hardcover and fold back spine so you can use the journal anywhere you need to
  • Six months worth of training days per journal
  • Competition goal setting
  • Training goal setting for physical and mental performance improvements
  • Performance review pages for periodic assessment
  • Weekly intention setting
  • Daily training pages with two workout areas per day to write your workout, set goals and review the session
  • Daily tracking of sleep, nutrition, motivation, soreness, RHR and HRV