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Bundle n Save with our Productivity Pack!

Get our favourite Focus Planner PLUS a copy of Tony Wilson's book, Unbusy, for just $42.99

That's a saving of almost 20%!


UNBUSY - how to reclaim your time and do more of what really matters.

This book will help you master three areas of performance so that you can stop spinning your wheels and make real progress towards those things that are truly most important.

This is a complete guide to managing Physical, Mental and Emotional energy so that you can show up every day and do your best work without burning out. 

By understanding our hardwiring, behaviours and the traps that lead us away from our goals, we can take actin to stay on track and achieve more than we thought possible. 

What does it mean to be ‘Unbusy’?

Despite your initial reaction, it is not about being idle. Unbusy, rather, is the opposite of too busy. Being ‘too busy’ can make us feel important, but it ultimately leaves us empty.

This book is a field guide to becoming Unbusy. It is not merely about finding time and space to reflect and disconnect, it is about how we manage ourselves, our priorities and our days to do things that we know make us more productive, valuable and fulfilled.

Ironically, being Unbusy will help you get more done.

This is a great addition to our Focus Planner! It will help you free up your time and manage your ability to stay focussed on on task to do the things that matter. 


See more about the book here 


The Focus Planner

Your daily tool for helping you be more focussed, balanced and productive. 

Take the lessons from Unbusy and apply them every day, with prompts for self-management and staying on track. 

These two hand-in-hand can help you live your best day every day. 

The Focus Planner is the only productivity planner made in Australia. The truth is, you will still find it hard to stay on track and still feel like you haven't got time to devote to the things that matter, unless you have a means to change the way you think and the way you work. Our Focus Planners are a new type of journal and a simple tool to help you make that change.

Your Work Life Balance will skyrocket and you'll spend more time on what's important instead of just spinning your wheels when you use our Productivity Planners and Focus Planners.


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